Where is Cheerletics Royalty located?

Cheerletics' practice facility is located on 97 Tenney St. Georgetown, MA 01833.  Athletes come from towns such as Georgetown, Boxford, North Andover, Ipswich, Rowley, Newbury, Newburyport, Salisbury, Amesbury, Byfield, and Haverhill. 

What is commitment for Cheerletics' teams?

Our teams are different levels and require different levels of commitment. Practice hours range from 4-5 hours per week and is a year long commitment. Seasons begin at the end of May and ends at the end of April.

Cheerleading requires 100% dedication to work skills and perfect routine. This means practices & competitions are MANDATORY regardless of full or half year team participation.

Who are we?

Cheerletics Royalty All Stars was founded in July of 2011 by Alexis Battle and Erin Dempsey.  With a combined 20+ years of cheerleading experience, both at the coaching and competitive level, Alexis and Erin has developed the CR program to enforce integrity, hard work, and commitment.  We believe in building confidence, personal growth along with providing a positive and rewarding experience.

Through positive reinforcement and modeling team work, CR is designed to develop not only our athlete's skill level but help them gain a sense of community.

What is the financial commitment?

We know all-star cheerleading is a strenuous and extensive season.  Cheerletics offers many opportunities for fundraising from car washes to scheduled fundraising events.

How are teams selected?

Levels and team divisions are determined by athlete's age and skills. Placement of teams are formed to showcase their abilities and talents to provide a successful competitive season.

  • Divisions are deteremined by age as of August 31st.
  • Levels are divided by stunting and tumbling from 1-5. 

Team placements is selected and determined by skill, age, maturity and level of commitment.  

Are practice mandatory?

Yes!  If for a legitimate reason an athlete cannot make practice, please notify coaches in advance.

When & Where are the competitions?

Full Year Teams compete and travel locally to colleges and high schools along with 2-3 national travel competitions.  Throughout the season, these teams will compete 8-10 times, and like practices, these competitions are mandatory.  Travel competitions may require overnight stays with air and hotel travel, which will be an additional personal expense.

Half Year Teams compete up to 4 times locally.  These teams are designed for recreational, town and high school cheerleaders who want to continue cheerleading throughout the season.

Competitions are held on the weekends and can range from one to two day competitions.  

What is the cancellation policy?

Snow and drastic weather happens!  There will be times if schools are closed, the gym will be open!. 

To find cancellations for practices, please visit our website www.cheerletics.com.  Members will also receive an email regarding cancellations.

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